Travel Tool + Apps

We are both really into Apps. I am always the person assuming “there is an app for that”. So naturally I like to find all of the travel related apps and test them out! Here are a few I have tested, or plan to try!

# 1   Travefy

Joey and I flew to Puerto Rico in February with another couple. We used Travefy an app that is helpful for building out an itinerary as well as breaking down the expenses over the group. It was really easy to use and came in handy when trying to assess who owed what! It is FREE to use as well!


# 2 SleepMachine (iPhone App)




I am a light sleeper so I always need white noise in order to fall asleep. Fortunately, I can use the Sleep Machine App and get the same benefits of the sound machine I have at home. There are several different sounds you can use, and you can customize your own blend. I am not one to judge, but if the sound of whales and a truck idling are what gets you to the Z’s, you will find them! They have a FREE and Paid version.




# 3 Converter 



There are multitudes of FREE Apps that can help you with conversions. I always make sure to have one, especially for currency, but it’s also helpful with distance. KM to MI anyone?

I use Globe Convert from iPhone store and have used it for years. It has never let me down!

# 4 Jet Lag Rooster

I don’t have prior experience using this App. The goal is to reduce jet lag by helping shift your body clock. You plug in the time of departure, the time of arrival and how many days prior you want to begin prepping yourself.


#5 City Maps 2Go

CityMaps 2Go

This gives you the ability to download maps and use them OFFLINE. That is a huge plus when traveling internationally. It also gives you insight into local spots, events, architecture and history. I will let you know more about its usability upon our return. I have already downloaded the maps for Athens and Sicily !

We hope you find some of these features helpful! What tools are must haves when you are traveling? What do you wish you had?


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