Celebrity Equinox: Day 1 – Rome/Civitavecchia

We are back in the states after 13 days away! I didn’t give myself any downtime during our adventures to write. Instead, I took notes so that we could revisit our experiences and relay them to anyone who stumbles across the blog! We walked 60 miles, traveled 2,594 miles through the Med and flew 9,608 miles. I tracked all of the mileage on foot with my fitness tracker, Misfit Shine. I love the device, it is light, and most people assume it is a watch.

Our flight to RoIMG_7948me was on time leaving and we actually had great tail wind and arrived an hour early. We both used the restrooms at the airport, and we both talked about how nice the bathrooms were when we came out. So…when in Rome! Make sure to check out the airport restroom.

We were concerned that we were going to have to wait an additional hour for our driver, who was scheduled to grab us at 11am (we were supposed to land at 10:15a and arrived at 9:20a) We were pleasantly surprised when he was waiting as we exited the airport. Just a heads up to anyone flying into Rome, it is CHAOTIC at the taxi area. There are hundreds of names on placards. We also saw the Celebrity Cruises shuttle (very easy to spot). Sad side note, during our flight EgyptAir flight 804 crashed, a woman on our flight was in hysterics when we landed in Rome after she received a phone call. We were not sure if it was related  but very sad to hear.

The drive to Civitavecchia is straightforward, it took roughly 45 minutes. We arrived around 11:00 am. The only traffic we experienced was in the town of Civi.Our driver cost € 110 and he was very kind. He drove us right up to the drop off area for luggage. Joey and I managed to grab a few hours of sleep on the plane, so we both felt ok. Check in took less than 10 minutes. Make sure to have your forms completed, passport and forms in hand. We boarded the ship around 11:30 and since the rooms were not ready we went to the Sunset Bar.


view from the Sunset Bar of Port of Civitavecchia


We both determined that if you just start drinking, you can avoid jet lag (not scientifically proven) If you sail with Celebrity as Concierge or above, you will be invited to have lunch in the dining room, it ends at 1pm. We were not hungry, so we didn’t attend.

The layout of the ship is great! We were room 1124 on Deck 10 and were close to the elevators on the AFT/Starboard side of the ship. We were able to get into our rooms around 1pm. Concierge provided a bottle of champagne, a tote bag, a wallet , and a tray appetizers. Our balcony is extra large and had loungers on it, we utilized the balcony for room service nearly daily!


We were traveling with our friends Nicole and Geoff from Nova Scotia. We ran into them at check-in so we made plans to meet up and get our table together in the dining room. Which was super easy. We ended up at a 6 top next to the window, and we sat with a couple from England.

We had a pretty relaxed night. We met up with fellow Cruise Critic passengers at the club on  deck 4 of the ship. Once we left that venue, we had dinner and then returned to our room. We wanted to catch some Z’s and at this point, we were super underslept. Next Up… Salerno, Italy (The Amalfi Coast).


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